About Us

A Little More About Us

For many years we have been home and a refuge to all kinds of animals, large and small, including some wild birds, migratory waterfowl, and an occasional turtle/tortoise. Some actually just found their way to us, and others came here because they had been abused, neglected, or were unwanted or abandoned. Others came because they are handicapped or crippled and had little chance of ever finding a forever home, but they are all welcome!

Along with our hands-on care and providing a forever home for animals, we have always been very active in animal causes along with working  to help animals through the passing of legislation, laws, and codes for their protection. We also support the work of everyone who have animals in their hearts and work tirelessly to save and place them. We have great memories and are proud of this work and the friends we have made on our journey.

We are a federal 501c3 non-profit organization (EIN # 26-2263861) that is also  incorporated in California (California Corporation #3077716) as a non-profit public benefit charity, and we are registered with the California Attorney General’s Registry of Charitable Trusts, and the California State Franchise Tax Board.  Our records and status are available and open to the public online through various web sites that list non-profit information such as the California Attorney General’s website at https://oag.ca.gov/ (Choose Charity Search on right hand side and type in our name). We would also be happy to mail a copy of our documents to anyone who would request one.

Since we live in the country, we receive our mail and packages at a postal center in town.

We are all volunteers and there are no salaries or extra expenses paid out. 100% of all help received goes to helping and caring for animals ….. Their only hope of living out their lives is through the donations they receive, and we are so VERY  grateful  for any help given to them.

There are so many GOOD shelters closing for lack of funds and so many animals that need help, food, spay/neuter where a few dollars could save their lives, our biggest dream is to one day be self sufficient and to be able to help as many animals & rescues possible through a second hand/thrift store that would be run by volunteers. It is just a dream for now, but someday?  It is about helping animals and many times people too!